Elfin Fountain: a drinking fountain for pets

Hydration reinvented: Discover the easy-care water fountain for cats

The launch of an innovative new product on Kickstarter has animal lovers excited: the Elfin Fountain. Designed with both pet and owner in mind, this cat drinking fountain promises to be a game changer in how we keep our beloved felines hydrated. Here's everything you need to know about this revolutionary find.

Innovation meets need

For years we have relied on standard water bowls to hydrate our cats, but stagnant water is not always attractive to our pets. Traditional water fountains with a pump can decrease your cat's interest over time. This is where the Elfin Fountain comes in, with groundbreaking pumpless technology that promises safety, hygiene and ease of use.

Core features of the pet drinking fountain

  • Pumpless design: Say goodbye to traditional motor pumps. The Elfin Fountain uses MagDrive™ technology for water dispensing, where electronic components are completely separated from the water source.
  • Super easy to clean: With the NatureFlow system there are no pumps and therefore no blind cleaning spots. Each part is easy to detach and rinse immediately under the tap.
  • No electricity leaks: The electronic components of the Elfin Fountain are safely concealed, which eliminates the risk of electrocution for your cat.
  • Long battery life: With a battery life of 30 days, you no longer have to worry about an empty fountain during a power outage or trip.
  • Quiet Operation: With a noise level of only 35 dB, the Elfin Fountain provides a quiet environment for both pet and owner.

What makes this water fountain for cats different?

The Elfin Fountain goes further than just hydration. It is a product that creates a safe, hygienic and calm water source for your cat. The unique thing about this product is the ease with which it integrates into everyday life. The dual water modes - Timer Mode and Intelligent Mode - offer a customizable approach to water dispensing, while always keeping your pet's safety top of mind.

gif image showing how the elfin fountain works

Form and function

With a stylish design made from RoHS certified materials, the Elfin Fountain not only offers visual appeal but is also built for easy maintenance. This product perfectly meets your pet's need for a healthy lifestyle, without the hassle of complicated cleaning processes.

Availability and price

The first batch of Kickstarter products will ship in December 2023, and the Elfin Fountain will be available for a retail price of around EUR 60. Although this price is still quite high due to lower production numbers, it will probably drop quickly in the future. 

Closing thoughts

The Elfin Fountain represents a new step in pet care, where convenience, safety and design come together to offer you and your cat the best experience. At the time of writing, the makers had planned to raise EUR 9.000. They have already raised EUR 380.000, which says something about the potential of such a product.

For more information, visit the website.

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