EN 15194: The standard for electric bicycles

An explanation of the standard for safe and reliable e-bikes

Importing electric bicycles (e-bike) from Asia, especially from countries such as China, is a growing market with great potential. However, as an importer it is crucial to understand which standards these products must meet. One of the most important standards in this field is EN 15194, which regulates the safety and performance of electric bicycles. In this blog we dive into what EN 15194 entails and why it is essential for importers targeting the European market.

What is EN 15194, the standard for electric bicycles?

EN 15194, also known as the 'European Standard for Electric Bicycles', specifies the requirements and test methods for electric bicycles that are assisted only when the cyclist pedals, and where the assistance automatically decreases and eventually stops when the bicycle reaches a speed of 25 km/h you reach. This standard is crucial to ensure that e-bikes are safe for use on public roads and cycle paths.

Why is EN 15194 important?

  1. Safety: EN 15194 ensures that electric bicycles meet strict safety standards. This includes aspects such as the strength of the frame, the reliability of the brakes and electrical safety.
  2. Compliance: To access the European market, electric bicycles must comply with this standard. Non-compliance can lead to serious legal consequences, including fines and recalls.
  3. Consumer confidence: Compliance with EN 15194 can help build confidence among European consumers as it is a sign of quality and safety.

Aspects of EN 15194

  • Performance tests: This standard includes tests that assess the performance and durability of the electric bicycle, such as motor operation and battery life.
  • Safety tests: Safety aspects such as the strength of the frame, the effectiveness of the brakes and electrical safety are thoroughly tested.
  • Labeling and information: EN 15194 also requires that adequate information and warnings be provided to users.

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Challenges with importing

Importers must work closely with manufacturers to ensure that all electric bicycles comply with EN 15194. This may involve additional testing and quality checks before the products are shipped to Europe.


The EN 15194 standard plays a crucial role in the electric bicycle market, especially for importers targeting the European market. Understanding and adhering to this standard is essential to ensure that products are safe, reliable and successful. By investing in quality products that meet this standard, importers can not only avoid legal risks, but also build a strong reputation with European customers.

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