Guidelines for the composition of first aid kits in Europe

Everything about the standards and requirements of the composition of first aid boxes

The composition of first aid kits in Europe varies based on legal requirements, standards and specific needs of different environments. In this blog we investigate what is needed to put together a first aid kit that complies with European guidelines, with special attention to the requirements of the Orange Cross.

Legal requirements in Europe

In the European Union, there are no uniform rules for the contents of first aid kits. This means that each Member State may have its own regulations determining what a first aid kit must contain. The guidelines vary depending on the nature of the workplace or the type of institution, such as schools or offices. Importers of first aid materials must therefore be aware of the specific requirements in each country where they wish to offer their products.

Industrial standards: DIN 13157 and DIN 13169

In Germany, for example, the DIN 13157 and DIN 13169 standards provide detailed specifications for first aid materials in workshops. These standards are used as a guide in many European countries and include a list of items that should be present in first aid kits, such as various types of bandages, plasters, and disinfectants.

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Requirements of the Orange Cross

The Netherlands has no legally established contents, but the Orange Cross has drawn up guidelines on the contents of first aid boxes. These guidelines are aimed at ensuring the safety and effectiveness of first aid. The contents of an Orange Cross-approved first aid kit include sterile compresses, various types of bandages, a rescue blanket, and a first aid manual. These guidelines are crucial for institutions and companies that want to keep their first aid facilities at a high level.

Specific needs and adjustments

In addition to general guidelines, first aid kits sometimes need to be adapted to the specific needs of a given environment. For example, in a chemical plant, specific materials may be needed to treat chemical burns. It is essential that importers and suppliers of first aid materials take these variations into account.

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General contents of first aid kits

Despite varying guidelines, a standard first aid kit in Europe usually contains common items such as plasters, gauze pads, disinfectant, gloves and scissors. It is important that these boxes are checked and replenished regularly to ensure they are always ready for use.


The correct composition of a first aid kit is crucial for safety in the workplace and in public areas. For companies that import from Asia, it is important to be aware of local European legislation and standards, and to ensure compliance with the requirements of organizations such as the Oranje Kruis. By following these guidelines, importers can ensure the supply of quality and regulatory first aid products.

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