Qi2: a fusion of MagSafe and Qi wireless charging

Apple iPhone 15: the first phone with Qi2.

The unveiling of Qi2, the latest standard in wireless charging by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), at the 2023 CES show marks a significant advance in wireless charging technology. Qi2 includes Apple's MagSafe technology and promises 15W wireless charging for every Qi2-certified accessory. This development could significantly strengthen the market position of Qi smartphones, with a predicted market share of as much as 82.60% by 2027.

What makes Qi2 special?

Compared to its predecessor, Qi2 introduces the Magnetic Alignment method, making MagSafe technology available not only to Apple, but also to other manufacturers. This innovation contributes to improved charging efficiency and offers a more pleasant user experience.

15W wireless fast charging

One of Qi2's most notable features is its ability to provide 15W wireless fast charging for iPhone 15 models in both MPP and EPP modes, without the need for Apple MFM certification and associated fees. This makes Qi2 accessories not only more powerful, but also more accessible and affordable.

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Accessibility and affordability

Qi2 accessories are expected to be more affordable than their predecessors, making them an attractive option for retailers and importers. This increased accessibility and affordability could spark a shift in how consumers approach wireless charging, making the technology available to a broader audience.

The iPhone 15 is the first Qi2 smartphone

The iPhone 15 is currently the first smartphone to support Qi2. Qi2-certified accessories are not yet available, but certification testing instructions are expected this month. This makes the iPhone 15 a pioneer in the adoption of this advanced wireless charging standard.

Future developments

We can expect more details about Qi2-certified products in the near future. This development is important not only for Apple users, but for anyone interested in efficient and advanced wireless charging solutions.


The arrival of Qi2 represents a major breakthrough in the world of wireless charging. With the promise of improved efficiency, greater accessibility and affordability, Qi2 is positioned to become a new standard in wireless charging for a wide range of devices. Keep an eye on developments, because Qi2 could well determine the future of wireless charging.

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