Different shoe sizes: Size conversion chart for shoes

The importance of size conversion in the shoe trade

For shoe importers, navigating the different international sizing systems can be a challenge. Shoe sizes in the United States (US), European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) differ significantly, which has an impact on the purchasing and sale of shoes. In this blog we discuss the key considerations for importers and provide a useful size chart for conversion.

Important shoe size considerations for importers

  1. Know your market: It is essential to understand which sizing system your target market uses. This helps to accurately order the right sizes and prevent customer confusion.
  2. Conversion is crucial: Because sizes vary between systems, accurate conversion is essential to deliver the right products to your customers.​
  3. Differences: The sizing of women and men may be different.
  4. Quality Control: Beware of variations in sizing between different brands and manufacturers, even within the same sizing system.

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Example of a shoe size chart conversion

US Men

UK Men

EU Men

US Women

UK Women

EU Women


Note: This table is a general guide. Sizes may vary depending on the manufacturer and specific shoe model.


For shoe importers, it is vital to understand the differences in international shoe sizes and make accurate conversions. By taking into account the size differences between the US, EU and UK, you can better serve your customers and minimize returns. A good knowledge of sizing systems is an indispensable tool in the global shoe trade.

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