Colour psychology in product design: The silent selling point

Discover the power of colours in your product design

Colour is much more than an aesthetic choice; it is a crucial element in product design that directly influences consumer behavior and brand perception. In this blog we delve into the world of colour psychology and explore how colours can not only increase the attractiveness of a product, but also form a strong selling point.

Importance of colour in product design

Colour is one of the first things a potential buyer notices. It can evoke emotions, create certain associations and even influence the decision-making process. Companies like Westwood, which specialise in product design and photography, understand that the right use of colour can differentiate a product in a saturated market.

Colour and brand identity

A consistent colour scheme is essential for brand recognition. Colours such as the red of Coca-Cola or the blue of Facebook are inextricably linked to these brands. Choosing the right colours for a product design helps build a strong and recognisable brand identity.

Emotional connection

Colours have the power to evoke different emotions and feelings. For example, red can radiate passion and energy, while blue is often associated with reliability and calmness. By choosing the right colours, designers can create an emotional connection with consumers.

Target group and colour choices

The choice of certain colours can also depend on the target group. For example, younger audiences may be attracted to vibrant and bright colours, while older audiences may prefer more subdued tones.

red and gray smoke bomb

Colour and purchasing behaviour

Colour can be a decisive factor in the purchasing process. The right use of colour can increase a product's visibility, improve its distinctiveness and even increase the perceived value of a product.

Colour and online sales

In the digital world, colour plays an even more important role. Good product photography that displays colours correctly and attractively is essential for online sales. Incorrect colour representation can lead to customer disappointment and ultimately to returns.


Colour psychology in product design is an area that should not be overlooked. The right use of colour can make a product more attractive, strengthen brand identity, and ultimately boost sales. Companies like Westwood, with their expertise in product design and photography, can help to use this subtle yet powerful tool effectively.

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