What is a Declaration of Conformity?

Everything you need to know about declarations of conformity

When navigating the complex world of product imports into the European Union, the Declaration of Conformity plays a key role. This declaration is not only proof of quality and safety, but also a legal necessity. If you are importing goods into the EU, it is essential that you understand how a declaration of conformity works, how to obtain it and in which languages it should be available. This blog takes you through the key points of a declaration of conformity, specifically aimed at the EU market.​

What is a Declaration of Conformity?

A declaration of conformity is a document showing that your product complies with all relevant EU regulations. It is your responsibility as a manufacturer or importer to ensure that your products comply with these guidelines before they are placed on the market. This declaration is crucial because it is the basis for obtaining the CE marking, which in turn is a passport for access to the entire European market. Without a valid declaration of conformity, you run the risk of having your products withdrawn from the market or incurring fines.​

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Obtaining a declaration of conformity for the EU market​

The process of obtaining a Declaration of Conformity begins with a thorough evaluation of your product against the relevant EU standards and regulations. This may include having products tested by an accredited body to ensure their safety and compliance. Once you have determined that your products meet all requirements, you can draw up the declaration of conformity yourself. It is important that this statement is detailed and accurate as it demonstrates your products' compliance with EU laws.​

Declaration of conformity example

No rights can be derived from this example. Always check the legislation applicable to your product​


  1. Manufacturer's name and address:​ 
    [Name of manufacturer 
    [Street, Number] 
    [Postal code, City, Country]
  2. Product information
    Name of the product: [Product name] 
    Model/Type: [Model/Type] 
    and/or Batch of Serial number: [Batch/Serial number]
  3. Reference to the relevant harmonized standards or other normative documents:​
    • EN [xxx]:[year] - [Title of the norm]
    • EN [xxx]:[year] - [Title of the norm]
    • Specification of the technical standards and regulations met (if applicable).​
  4. Name and address of the authority that issued the EU type-examination certificate (if applicable):​
    [Name of the agency] 
    [Street, Number] 
    [Postal code, City, Country 
    Certificate number: [Number of the Certificate]
  5. Additional information:
    • The PPE is designed and manufactured in accordance with the following European regulations: [Relevant EU regulations].​
    • The PPE meets all relevant essential health and safety requirements.​
  6. Declaration​
    Hereby, [Name of Manufacturer] declares that the above-mentioned personal protective equipment is in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and the relevant harmonized standards or normative documents.
  7. Signing​
    Signed at [Place], on [Date].
    [Signature of authorised person]
    [Name and Position of the Signatory] 
    [Name of Manufacturer]

Language requirements of the declaration of conformity​

An important aspect of the declaration of conformity in the EU is that it must be available in the language(s) of the country where the product is sold. This means that if you sell products in multiple EU countries, you may need multiple translations of your declaration of conformity. Ensuring accurate and professional translations is essential for both legal compliance and the trust of your customers and business partners in the EU.​

Importance of compliance and proper documentation​

Compliance with EU regulations through a correct declaration of conformity is not only a legal requirement; it is also a sign of your commitment to quality and safety. An accurate and complete declaration of conformity helps build trust with your customers and ensures smooth access to the European market. Remember that non-conformity can lead to legal consequences, including fines and the ban on selling your products in the EU.​


A declaration of conformity is essential for anyone wanting to import products into the EU. By ensuring that your products meet EU standards and that your declarations are correct and in the correct language, you lay the foundation for successful trade within the EU. Remember that this document is not just a formality, but a crucial step in ensuring the quality and safety of your products.​

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