Westwood Sourcing present at the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt

Our view of the Ambiente, Christmas World and Creative World fairs at the Frankfurter Messe.

Westwood Sourcing recently attended the leading Ambiente trade fair, an event that stands out as a center of creativity and innovation in the world of lifestyle, decoration and gifting. This visit was not only an opportunity to expand our network, but also to gain new inspiration and discover the latest trends in our industry.

Insight into industry trends and consumer behaviour

Ambiente and its related trade fairs provided in-depth insight into current market trends and future consumer preferences. By observing new product launches and design innovations we were able to gain valuable knowledge about what drives the market. These insights are crucial for us to anticipate our customers' needs and adapt our range accordingly.

Here is a small impression:

Networks and partnerships  

One of the biggest benefits of participating in the Ambiente trade show was being able to network with suppliers, manufacturers and other industry professionals. These interactions are essential for expanding our network and forming valuable partnerships, which ultimately helps improve our services to customers.


Sustainability was central to the fair, with an increasing focus on environmentally friendly and ethically produced products. As a company committed to sustainability, we were particularly interested in discovering new product lines and suppliers that share these values. There were many companies present that could play a great role in this.

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