Sustainability consultancy

Take the step towards a greener future with us. Our sustainability consultancy services help you transform your import activities, focusing on sustainable production of your goods in Asia.

 Selection of sustainable suppliers that meet international environmental standards.

 Implementation of green logistics solutions that contribute to a reduction of the CO2 footprint.

 Supply chain analysis and optimisation to integrate environmentally friendly practices.

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Why hire Westwood as a sustainability consultant?

Sustainability consultancy

By using our expertise in sustainability, we help your company not only become greener, but also benefit from the benefits of sustainable entrepreneurship.


  • Reducing the ecological footprint.

  • Integrating sustainable materials and processes.

  • Increasing efficiency in the supply chain.

  • Verbeteren van de duurzaamheidsrapportage en -communicatie.


  • Cost savings through more efficient resource use.

  • Strengthening the brand image and customer loyalty.

  • Access to new markets and customer segments.

  • Preventing greenwashing.

  • Verminderen van risico's en naleven van regelgeving.
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Our other consultancy services

In addition to sustainability consultancy, we can also help you with other quality control services. For other services, such as sourcing, design and logistics, go to "all services".

Consultancy services


We help you make your imports more sustainable, aimed at reducing ecological footprints and promoting sustainable business growth.


We provide strategic insights and practical solutions for using recycled materials and promoting sustainability within your organization.


We help you redesign products for circularity, with the aim of sustainable reuse and lifespan extension in line with circular principles.

Sourcing strategy

We develop a tailor-made sourcing strategy for your company, aimed at optimizing purchasing processes and strengthening relationships with suppliers.

Supply-chain risk analysis

We conduct a thorough supply chain risk analysis, providing your company with strategies to identify vulnerabilities in your import process.

Interim management

We offer interim management to fill temporary leadership gaps, drive strategic changes, and improve operational efficiency with our experienced professionals.

Cost analysis & reduction

We implement savings on a no-cure, no-pay basis, where we optimize your operational costs and only charge for savings achieved.

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