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Writing and designing a user manual can be a major challenge for some companies, especially when language barriers and cultural differences can affect the clarity and effectiveness of the manual. And then of course the factory in China has to print and package it in the right quality.

 Development of clear and understandable manuals for products from Asia.

 Adapting to cultural and linguistic nuances for effective communication.

 Focus on clarity, accuracy and compliance with international standards.

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Why outsource the writing of a user manual?

User manual

Outsourcing the writing and development of manuals can add value to companies that import products from Asia and need clear, accurate and user-friendly documentation, but lack the capacity or knowledge. 


  • Creating clear and easy to follow guides for end users.

  • Ensuring correct use and safety of the product.

  • Comply with international law.

  • Het bevorderen van klanttevredenheid en merkloyaliteit.


  • Improved communication and understanding by the end user.

  • Reduction of customer questions and complaints through clear instructions.

  • Strengthening brand image and trust through professional documentation.

  • Naleving van regelgeving, verminderend risico op juridische problemen.
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Our other design services

In addition to writing manuals, we can also help you with other design services. For other services, such as sourcing, quality control and logistics, go to "all services".

Design services

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Product development

Professional support in bridging the gap between an idea and a market-ready product, taking into account cost, quality and compliance.

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Professional photography of imported products to highlight their features and quality.

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Packaging design

Packaging design combines creativity with functionality to create eye-catching, durable and easy-to-use packaging.

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Writing SEO texts

Optimizing product descriptions for search engines to increase the findability of products.

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