Supplier audit

A supplier audit allows you to verify your supplier's capabilities and quality control systems, which is crucial for minimizing risk and ensuring product quality. This audit helps identify and avoid potential problems before production or order confirmation, and before you transfer funds.

 Allows you to select a qualified supplier with confidence.

 Provides a clear picture of your supplier's capabilities, quality control systems, management and procedures.

 A supplier audit reveals problems before production or order confirmation.

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Why outsource a supplier audit?

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Outsourcing a supplier audit is ideal for companies that do not have the capacity to send staff to the production site themselves, or have little knowledge about vetting suppliers in Asia.


  • Assessment of production processes, capacity, facilities and machinery.

  • Preventing collaboration with the wrong suppliers.

  • Evaluation of management, organizational structure and personnel policy.

  • Assessment of the quality assurance systems.


  • Check a new supplier before transferring money.

  • Avoid working with unsuitable factories.

  • Ability to customise the audit to your specific business needs

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Our other quality control services

In addition to conducting a supplier audit, we can also help you with other quality control services. For other services, such as sourcing, design and logistics, go to "all services".

Quality control services


Assistance in obtaining various certificates such as CE, FSC, BSCI, BCI, and Oeko-Tex, and guidance through the entire certification process, including documentation and compliance. 

During Production Check

An During Production Inspection allows early identification of problems to prevent the production of a large number of non-conforming products.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

A Pre-Shipment Inspection is a final check before shipment. The quality and quantity of the products are assessed before they are loaded into the container.

100% Inspection

A 100% inspection checks every single item and allows you to ensure that every part in the shipment meets the specified quality requirements.

Container Loading Check

Container loading supervision helps prevent inconsistent products, poor quality, insufficient quantities, damaged containers, or even empty containers.

Product testing

By testing products extensively and according to high standards in laboratories, you prevent defective products and dangers for the end user.

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