Customs clearance

By handling customs clearance themselves, companies risk high fines and significant delays that can disrupt crucial delivery schedules. Our customs declaration (also called import declaration) service eliminates these risks by ensuring accurate compliance with all regulations, protecting you from unexpected costs and ensuring your goods reach their destination on time.

 Expertise in determining the correct HS codes

Complete handling of customs formalities and documentation for a smooth import process without delays and fines.

Ensure compliance with local and international customs laws

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Why outsource customs clearance?

Customs declaration

Outsourcing customs clearance is useful for companies that import internationally and do not have the internal expertise to handle customs clearance themselves. It is particularly interesting for companies dealing with a wide range of products, each with their own specific requirements and classifications. Professional assistance ensures correct classification, avoids delays at the border and minimizes the risk of fines due to non-compliance.


  • Ensuring correct and efficient customs clearance.

  • Accurately determining HS codes for correct rate and tax calculations.

  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant customs laws and regulations.

  • Het stroomlijnen van het importproces om tijd en kosten te besparen.


  • Reduction of risks and costs through expert handling of customs matters.

  • Faster transit of goods through efficient customs clearance processes.

  • Avoiding legal and financial complications related to customs compliance.

  • Verhoogde betrouwbaarheid en voorspelbaarheid in de leveringsketen.
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Our other logistics services

In addition to arranging your customs declaration, we can also help you with other logistics services. For other services, such as sourcing, design and quality control, go to "all services".

Customs declaration

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Organise transport

Coordination and management of transport logistics for import shipments from Asia. Selection of optimal shipping methods: sea, air, train or road transport.

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We arrange the storage of your goods in Asia and/or Europe, so that you can deliver or collect them at any time.

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