Transport services from Asia to Europe

We arrange a seamless connection between Asia and Europe for you, with a focus on efficiency, reliability and cost savings. Whether your shipments come from China, Vietnam, or India, we ensure they arrive at their European destinations safely, on time, and within budget.

 Coordination and management of transport logistics for import shipments from Asia.

 Selection of optimal shipping methods (sea, air, train or road transport) based on customer needs and product characteristics.

Monitoring and managing the entire transport chain to ensure timely and safe delivery.

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Why outsource your logistics?

Transport en logistics

Outsourcing transport is interesting for companies that import from Asia but do not have the resources or expertise to manage complex logistics processes. This is especially important for companies seeking efficiency and reliability in their supply chain. Hiring an expert in transport logistics guarantees a smooth and cost-effective transfer of goods, from origin to final destination.


  • Efficient and reliable transportation for imported goods.

  • Minimising transport costs without sacrificing delivery times and quality.

  • Het bieden van een flexibele transportoplossing die aanpasbaar is aan veranderende bedrijfsbehoeften.


  • Cost savings through optimization of shipping routes and methods.

  • Timely delivery of goods, which contributes to better customer satisfaction.

  • Less administrative burden for your company

  • Verbeterde supply chain zichtbaarheid en controle over het gehele transportproces.
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Our other logistics services

In addition to organizing transport, we can also help you with other logistics services. For other services, such as sourcing, design and quality control, go to "all services".

Logistics services

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Customs clearing

Fully handle customs formalities and documentation for smooth imports and ensure compliance with local and international customs laws

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We arrange the storage of your goods in Asia and/or Europe, so that you can deliver or collect them at any time.

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