Negotiation & contracting

Negotiation techniques in Asia can be very different from those in Europe. Experienced negotiators can often achieve better terms and prices, while also ensuring legal compliance and risk management.

 Expert negotiations on price, delivery times, and contract terms with the best terms for you.

 Drafting and reviewing contracts to minimise risks and ensure compliance.

 Focus on creating win-win situations that promote long-term and fruitful trade relationships.

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Why outsource?

Outsourcing negotiations and contracting can be ideal for companies that do not have the expertise, experience or resources to negotiate effectively with Asian suppliers.

Negotiation & contracting


  • Achieving optimal contract conditions

  • Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance

  • Building strong, lasting relationships with reliable suppliers.

  • Reducing costs and risks through effective negotiations.


  • Strengthened negotiating position leads to better prices and conditions.

  • Risk reduction through professional contract review and drafting.

  • Time savings through expertise in negotiations with Asian suppliers.

  • Improved business results through effective and efficient contracts.

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Our other sourcing services

In addition to negotiating and contracting, we can also help you with other sourcing services. For other services, such as quality control, product design and logistics, go to "all services".

Sourcing services

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Supplier sourcing

Customers can use our sourcing services when they are looking for new, reliable suppliers that meet their specific requirements.

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Price calculation

Detailed calculation of total costs when importing products, including customs duties, taxes, transportation and insurance. 

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