Product sourcing in China en Azië

Klanten kunnen onze China sourcing diensten inzetten wanneer ze zoeken naar nieuwe, betrouwbare leveranciers die aan hun specifieke eisen voldoen. Dit is vooral relevant wanneer bedrijven nieuwe producten zoeken in bijvoorbeeld China of Vietnam, uitbreiden naar nieuwe markten of diversificatie van hun leveranciersbasis nastreven.

 Identification of potential suppliers that meet specific quality and reliability standards.

 Thorough assessment of suppliers based on product quality, production capacity and reliability.

 Support in the entire process of sourcing and supplier selection.

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Why outsource?

Outsourcing sourcing is ideal for companies that do not have the resources or expertise to find a suitable supplier themselves and conduct thorough research. Outsourcing reduces the risk of working with unsuitable suppliers.

Supplier selection


  • Finding qualified suppliers.

  • Minimising risks and costs.

  • Select based on the needs of your company.

  • Obtaining exclusive or specialized products that are not widely available.

  • Careful screening of potential suppliers.


  • Buy from manufacturers, not traders

  • Access to a wider network of qualified suppliers.

  • Saving time and resources in searching and assessing suppliers.

  • Increased security of supply and product quality.

  • Creative solutions through years of experience.
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Our other sourcing services

In addition to sourcing, we can also help you with other sourcing services. For other services, such as quality control, product design and logistics, go to "all services".

Sourcing services

Price calculation

Detailed calculation of the total costs of importing products, including customs duties, taxes, transportation and insurance.

Negotiation & contracting

Guarantee expert negotiations on price, delivery times, and contract terms


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