At Westwood Sourcing we understand that the success of your business depends heavily on the products you import. That is why we offer extensive information about various product groups, from legislation and quality requirements to sustainable purchasing. Whether you are interested in sourcing in China or other Asian countries such as India and Vietnam, we provide you with the necessary expertise to make conscious and well-considered choices. 


blue and white polka dot textile


Discover the potential of ethical and stylish clothing production, while maintaining the highest quality standards and contributing to a more sustainable world.

unpaired red Air Jordan 12


Understand how to source sustainable and high-quality shoes, and take your product offering to the next level with responsible and stylish choices.

person holding white and red elephant graphic tote bag close-up photo


Expand your range with sustainably produced bags that combine style and functionality, while demonstrating your commitment to responsible manufacturing practices.

silver and gold bracelet on white paper


Take your jewellery collection to the next level with our sourcing services, and choose elegance combined with sustainability and ethical production.


wooden train set


Navigate a world of fun with our sustainable toy sourcing services, helping you ensure top quality products that are safe for our kids.

brown chihuahua puppy playing with pink plastic toy


Enrich your range with high-quality pet products that are both stylish and sustainable, and demonstrate your commitment to responsible and ethical manufacturing practices. 

green cactus plant on brown clay pot


Transform your garden range with our help; we are ready to guide you in sourcing sustainable garden products, so that you not only meet the highest quality standards. 

sliced fruit on black frying pan


Enrich your kitchen with our support in sourcing sustainable and high-quality cookware, including pans, pots, knives and cutlery. 

tea light on brown surface


Bring atmosphere and aroma to any interior with our expertise in sourcing high-quality sustainable candles, scented candles and diffusers. 

Home Deco

Create a unique atmosphere in every room with our stylish home deco that fits perfectly with your vision of sustainable and high-quality living.


close-up of gloves


Commit to safety and sustainability in your supply chain with our specialized services for sourcing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Asia.

assorted-type carpentry tools on brown surface


Enhance your hardware offering with our expertise in sourcing in China and other Asian countries, focusing on sustainable sourcing and ensuring high quality standards.

two men wearing blue lab coats


Choose top quality medical items from Asia, where safety, reliability and sustainability are paramount in the production and supply chain.

red and black pen on white surface


Increase the sustainability and quality of your office supplies with our extensive range from Asia, where reliability and environmentally friendly products are central.


gold and red pendant lamps


Make your product offering shine with high-quality lighting, carefully sourced in China, and make a statement in terms of quality and design. 


Take your multimedia offering to the next level with ethically sourced products such as USB cables, audio equipment and gaming accessories, thanks to our specialized sourcing in China and other countries.

a home appliance

Home Appliances

We support you in finding the latest and most sustainable household appliances, perfectly tailored to today's environmentally conscious consumers.


a stop road sign


Enhance your travel experience with our ethically sourced vacation and travel goods services. Discover high-quality luggage, accessories and more, ethically produced in China, India, Vietnam and Bangladesh. 

yellow Wilson tennis racket


Sports with a green touch: with our sourcing services in Asia, in countries such as Pakistan, India and Vietnam, you get sustainable sports equipment. Consider, for example, footballs, boxing gloves and yoga mats.

gray fixie bike leaning on black wall


Enrich your cycling experience with our extensive selection of bicycle accessories, from handy bicycle bags to reliable bicycle lights, all sourced from leading Asian production centres.

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