Revolutionary breakthrough: Northvolt's sodium ion battery

Sustainable salt batteries are changing the world of energy storage

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The recent development of a groundbreaking sodium-ion battery by Northvolt marks a significant milestone in the evolution of battery technology. This new type of battery, developed in Sweden's Northvolt Labs, represents a major leap forward in both the capacity and sustainability of energy storage systems.

The power of sodium-ion technology

The sodium-ion battery developed by Northvolt has achieved an impressive energy density of more than 160 watt hours per kilogram. This advancement not only represents an improvement over traditional batteries, but also promises more sustainable and cost-effective energy storage. The unique feature of this battery is the use of abundantly available materials such as iron and sodium, which contributes to its durability and global availability.

Safety and sustainability 

A striking feature of Northvolt's sodium-ion battery is the absence of lithium, nickel, cobalt and graphite. This composition not only makes the battery more environmentally friendly, but also safer to use. The Prussian White-based cathode and hard carbon anode form the core of this innovative battery.

Potential applications and market impact

Northvolt's sodium-ion battery is mainly aimed at energy storage systems. This technology allows Northvolt to provide affordable and efficient energy storage solutions for emerging markets such as India, the Middle East and Africa. This makes it an attractive option for regions looking for sustainable energy solutions.

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Northvolt and the future of battery production

Founded in 2016, Northvolt has quickly established itself as a leader in battery manufacturing. The company has developed a sustainable production model and is already generating significant orders from major customers. With this new development in sodium-ion technology, Northvolt expands its reach and offers new opportunities for energy storage and electrification worldwide.


Northvolt's development of the sodium-ion battery is not only a technological breakthrough, but also a step forward in the global effort for more sustainable energy solutions. The potential of this technology to make energy storage more accessible, safer and environmentally friendly could play a key role in the global transition to renewable energy sources. With Northvolt's continued innovation and expansion, the future of energy storage is promising.

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