Important considerations when importing children's night lights from China

A safety and quality guide to importing children's lights

Importing children's night lights from China is a process that requires care and attention, especially considering the sensitivity of the product to the end users - children. In addition to considering attractive designs and functionalities, importers must also focus on crucial aspects such as quality control, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) standards and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance. In this blog, we discuss the most important factors that importers should consider when importing children's night lamps from China.

Quality Control: The key to safe children's night lights 

When importing children's night lights, ensuring quality is of the utmost importance. These lights must be safe for use by children, which means they must be sturdy, durable and free of sharp edges. Importers must work closely with manufacturers to ensure that the materials used are non-toxic and robust. Regular quality checks and product inspections are essential to ensure the lights are safe and reliable for little ones.

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The importance of testing for children's night lights 

EMC and RoHS are two crucial factors in the production of electronic products, including children's night lights. EMC ensures that the lights do not cause electromagnetic interference and are not sensitive to this themselves. This is important so as not to disturb other electronic devices in the home. RoHS compliance guarantees that the night lights do not contain harmful substances, which is essential for products intended for children's rooms. Importers must ensure that their products meet these standards to ensure both safety and environmental friendliness.

Another important aspect is compliance with the EN 71 standard. This European Standard focuses specifically on the safety of toys, and although night lights are not always considered toys, it is important to take this standard into account given their use in children's environments. EN 71 focuses on various safety aspects, including mechanical and physical properties, flammability, chemical properties and much more.

Navigating the challenges of importing from China 

China is a leading manufacturer of children's night lights, but importing from this country comes with its own challenges. Language barriers, cultural differences and understanding local business practices can all pose complications. It is therefore important for importers to establish clear communication channels and work with reliable partners who understand the local market.

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RoHS compliance: Importing lighting from China

In this article we explore the importance of RoHS in relation to importing lighting from China and how companies can ensure their products meet these essential standards. 

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A step-by-step approach for importers

  1. Specify: Make sure you have all the specifications properly worked out so that you don't waste time and money later.
  2. Supplier Selection: Carefully choose suppliers who have experience producing children's night lights and are known for their quality and reliability.
  3. Product specifications and design: Work closely with the manufacturer to ensure that the design of the night lights is child-friendly and attractive.
  4. Quality checks and certification: Perform regular quality checks and ensure that all products are certified to international standards such as EMC and RoHS.
  5. Logistics and customs: Ensure a good understanding of the logistics processes and customs regulations to ensure smooth imports.


Importing children's night lights from China can be very rewarding if the process is managed carefully. By focusing on quality control, safety, EMC and RoHS compliance, importers can provide high-quality products that meet the needs and expectations of both parents and children.

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