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Discover on this page how Westwood Sourcing can support you with developing your product idea. With a wide range of services, from sourcing and quality control to sustainability advice and cost savings, we are committed to optimizing your supply chain and strengthening your business strategy. Let us help you integrate efficiency, sustainability and success into your business practices.

 We open the doors to the best manufacturers in Asia, carefully selected for their quality and reliability.

 Our unique quality control procedures ensure that your products always meet the highest standards.

 We help you integrate sustainability within the supply chain, putting your brand at the forefront of environmental friendliness.

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Our services

From consultancy in the field of sustainability and circularity, to strategies and analyses: our consultancy services in the field of importing from Asia offer personalised solutions for all your needs.



By using our extensive network in Asia, we, as a sourcing agent, find the products you need – all at the best price, quality and delivery time.


Turn your idea or design into a production-ready masterpiece. From the design phase to prototyping and packaging, we help you with a product that is ready for production.


Ensure product excellence with our rigorous inspection and testing methods, safeguarding your investment, reputation and customer satisfaction with strict quality control.


From LCL/FCL to air freight: we ensure the best rates, take care of all the annoying administrative work, do customs clearance and deliver to your warehouse.


Our consultancy services provide expert guidance and strategic insights to support your business on a variety of complex import and sustainability issues.

Our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices not only strengthens your supply chain, but also your brand value. 

We guarantee the highest product quality through strict inspections and compliance with international standards. 

Dedicated quality control

Our extensive knowledge of the Asian market and proven track record in sourcing offer customers a competitive advantage. 

Expertise in specific markets 
Sustainability and ethics


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Our blog

Read all about importing from China, India, Vietnam and other countries in Asia here in our blog. We cover quality controls, current affairs and much more.

Sourcing expertise


Circularity in the clothing industry: The future of fashion

Circularity in clothing is about creating a system in which garments, materials and raw materials retain their value and are reused, instead of ending up as waste. Read all about it in this blog.

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A guide: How to calculate import duties from China?

It is important for importers to understand how import duties are calculated and what factors play a role. In this blog we will guide you through the steps to calculate import duties and provide useful tips to simplify this process.

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“Made in PRC” vs. “Made in China”: Meaning, Difference and Mandatory?

In everyday life, the label "Made in PRC" often raises questions. What does this label mean and how does it differ from "Made in China"? This is a crucial question for importers sourcing from China and Taiwan. In this blog we take a closer look at the meaning of these labels and their impact on imports from these regions.

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The latest news

Here you will find the latest blog posts related to importing from Asia, quality control, design or logistics.

News & cases

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