Consultancy services for importing

Our consultancy services for importing are designed to strengthen your business and improve the efficiency of your import processes. With a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for innovation, we strive to provide solutions that are not only cost-effective, but also fit seamlessly with your business strategy. We combine market knowledge with strategic insight to develop import strategies that resonate with your target group and give your brand an edge.

 Advice on efficient import routes and sourcing strategies.

 Support compliance with international trade laws and regulations to minimize risk and ensure compliance.

 Analysis and optimization of the supply chain for maximum cost efficiency.

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Our consultancy services

From consultancy in the field of sustainability and circularity, to strategies and analyses: our consultancy services in the field of importing from Asia offer personalised solutions for all your needs.



We help you make your imports more sustainable, aimed at reducing ecological footprints and promoting sustainable business growth.


We provide strategic insights and practical solutions for using recycled materials and promoting sustainability within your organization.


We help you redesign products for circularity, with the aim of sustainable reuse and lifespan extension in line with circular principles.

Sourcing strategy

We develop a tailor-made sourcing strategy for your company, aimed at optimizing purchasing processes and strengthening relationships with suppliers.

Supply-chain risk analysis

We conduct a thorough supply chain risk analysis, providing your company with strategies to identify vulnerabilities in your import process.

Interim management

We offer interim management to fill temporary leadership gaps, drive strategic changes, and improve operational efficiency with our experienced professionals.

Cost analysis & reduction

We implement savings on a no-cure, no-pay basis, where we optimize your operational costs and only charge for savings achieved.

We can be quickly deployed for specific projects, allowing your company to remain flexible and save costs compared to hiring new permanent staff.

As externals, we can provide unbiased advice and new ideas that internal teams may overlook.

Objective and fresh perspectives

Customers benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience in Asian markets, especially China, which is crucial for effective sourcing and logistics.

Expertise in specific markets 
Efficiency and flexibility


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Our blog

Read all about importing from China, India, Vietnam and other countries in Asia here in our blog. We cover quality controls, current affairs and much more.

Sourcing expertise

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Een gids voor het berekenen van de kostprijs bij het importeren uit Azië

In dit blog leggen we uit hoe je deze berekening maakt en geven we een concreet voorbeeld om het proces te verduidelijken.

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De wereld achter het waslabel: wassymbolen uitgelegd

In de textielindustrie speelt het waslabel een belangrijke rol, niet alleen als gids voor de juiste verzorging van textielproducten, maar ook als een sleutelfactor in het naleven van Europese richtlijnen. Deze labels, vaak klein en onopvallend, bevatten belangrijke informatie over het wassen, drogen, en strijken van textielproducten.

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Kwaliteitscontrole in China: Op weg naar betrouwbare producten

In deze blog duiken we in de wereld van kwaliteitsinspecties en -controles in Azië en ontdekken we hoe je als importeur de kwaliteit van je producten kunt waarborgen.

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The latest news

Here you will find the latest blog posts related to importing from Asia, quality control, design or logistics.

Nieuws & cases

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