Quality control

Quality control services 

We offer a wide range of quality controls including pre-production, process and final product inspections and product testing to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.

 Ensuring safe and sound products

 Strict on-site inspections

 Thorough product testing so you know the product is safe.

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Our quality control services

Westwood's quality control and inspection services in Asia are designed to ensure the quality of your products, identify defects, implement corrective actions and protect your investment. We can advise you which services best suit your situation.


Leverancier audit

A supplier audit reveals problems before production or order confirmation. It provides a clear picture of your supplier's capabilities, quality control systems, management and procedures.


Assistance in obtaining various certificates such as CE, FSC, BSCI, BCI, and Oeko-Tex, and guidance through the entire certification process, including documentation and compliance. 

During Production Check

A During Production Check enables early identification of issues to prevent the production of a large number of non-compliant products.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

This is a final check before shipping. The quality and quantity of the products are assessed before they are loaded into the container.

100% Inspection

A 100% inspection checks every single item and allows you to ensure that every part in the shipment meets the specified quality requirements.

Container Loading Check

Container Loading Check helps prevent inconsistent products, poor quality, insufficient quantities, damaged containers, or even empty containers.

Product testing

By testing products extensively and according to high standards in laboratories, you prevent defective products and dangers for the end user.

Benefit from a team that firmly enforces quality standards, ensures factories are held accountable for mistakes, and pushes for remakes when necessary.

Using proactive strategies, we identify potential quality issues early and implement corrective actions, reducing the chance of costly errors, delays or recalls.

Discover defects before it is too late

We work with specialist local quality inspectors to ensure that your products are produced to the highest standards.

Access to experienced quality inspectors worldwide
We hold suppliers responsible


Why work with us for quality control in China, Vietnam and India?

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In this blog we will tell you more about the quality control landscape, from the initial concept phase to the final product. We delve into the methodologies, challenges and best practices involved in maintaining quality standards in various production environments, with a special focus on the sourcing process in Asia.

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In the world of international trade, a sourcing agent plays a crucial role. These professionals form the bridge between companies and suppliers, especially in countries such as China, India, Vietnam and Bangladesh. But what exactly is the added value of a sourcing agent and why should you use one for your company?

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What is AQL? Quality control when importing from Asia

When importing products, especially from Asia, quality control is crucial. An important part of this is the concept of 'Acceptable Quality Limit' (AQL). In this blog we will delve deeper into what AQL means, how it is applied, and why it is so important for importers.

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