The new EN ISO 20345:2022 standard for safety shoes

The new standard for safety shoes explained.

Safety in the workplace is crucial, and safety shoes play a key role in this. With the recent introduction of the EN ISO 20345:2022 standard, it is essential to be aware of the latest developments and changes. This standard has important implications for the safety and comfort of workers who depend on these shoes every day. In this article we explore the key innovations of the EN ISO 20345:2022 standard and provide a detailed overview of what these changes mean for workplace safety. Understanding these updates is vital for both employers and employees in industries where safety footwear is a requirement.

What is the EN ISO 20345:2022 standard?

The EN ISO 20345:2022 is the latest standard for safety shoes and replaces the previous version from 2011. This new standard introduces stricter safety requirements and offers improved protection for users. It is designed to ensure that safety footwear meets the highest standards of protection against various risks in the workplace. The update includes new guidelines and specifications for manufacturers to follow, resulting in safer and more reliable products for the end user. These changes mean employers can be confident that they are providing their employees with the best possible protection.

The most important changes in the new standard

De EN ISO 20345:2022 norm brengt een aantal significante wijzigingen met zich mee die de veiligheidsstandaarden voor schoenen verhogen:

  1. Slip resistance (SR): The standard has simplified the classification for slip resistance into one uniform standard, SR. This makes it easier to assess the safety shoes for their performance on different surfaces.
  2. Puncture resistance: The new standard distinguishes between different materials for anti-puncture midsoles, such as steel and composite, for a more precise level of protection.
  3. Water resistance: The term WRU has been replaced by WPA, which specifies the water repellency of the shoe for at least 60 minutes, and provides clarity about the degree of water resistance.
  4. Abrasion resistance and toe cap: The new standard places more emphasis on the durability and abrasion resistance of the shoe, especially with regard to the toe cap.
  5. Safety shoes with a heel (LG): The introduction of a heel as a separate category in the standard recognises the importance of extra grip and stability in certain working conditions.

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New safety classes and additional requirements

The EN ISO 20345:2022 standard introduces new safety classes, ranging from SB to S7. Each of these classes has specific requirements that suit different working conditions. This ensures that users can choose the right safety shoes that exactly match their specific needs in the workplace. In addition, there is an extension of the possible additional requirements from 12 to 18, which increases the adaptability of safety shoes to specific working environments. These adjustments to the standard provide a higher degree of protection and personalization in safety shoes.


The EN ISO 20345:2022 standard sets a new standard for safety footwear, with a focus on improved protection and adapted requirements for different working environments. These changes to the standard are an important step forward in ensuring safety in the workplace. It is important for both employers and employees to be aware of these updates and ensure their safety footwear meets the latest standards to ensure the best protection in their working environment.

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