By using quality marks such as BSCI, FSC, Better Cotton and Oekto-tex in your products, you increase the reliability of your brand and substantiate the commitment to sustainably and socially produced products. We can help you with the certification and implementation of these quality marks.

 Assistance in obtaining various certificates such as CE, FSC, BSCI, BCI, and Oeko-Tex and much more.

 Guidance through the entire certification process, including documentation and compliance.

  Focus on clarity, accuracy and compliance with international standards.

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Why outsource certification?


Outsourcing the certification of quality marks can be of added value for companies that import products from Asia and need support in obtaining quality marks. To comply with a quality mark, adjustments must be made to the product and packaging and audits may also be carried out.


  • Navigate and meet the specific requirements for various certifications.

  • Ensuring product compliance with international standards and regulations.

  • Strengthening the market position by obtaining recognised certificates.

  • Promoting customer confidence and market acceptance through certification


  • Reducing the chance of legal non-compliance and related fines.

  • Increasing market access and competitiveness.

  • Improved brand reputation.

  • Ondersteuning bij duurzame bedrijfsvoering en maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen.

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Our other quality control services

In addition to certification, we can also help you with other quality control services. For other services, such as sourcing, design and logistics, go to "all services".

Quality control services

Leverancier audit

A supplier audit reveals problems before production or order confirmation. It provides a clear picture of your supplier's capabilities, quality control systems, management and procedures.

During Production Check

An During Production Inspection allows early identification of problems to prevent the production of a large number of non-conforming products.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

A Pre-Shipment Inspection is a final check before shipment. The quality and quantity of the products are assessed before they are loaded into the container.

100% Inspection

A 100% inspection checks every single item and allows you to ensure that every part in the shipment meets the specified quality requirements.

Container Loading Check

Container loading supervision helps prevent inconsistent products, poor quality, insufficient quantities, damaged containers, or even empty containers.

Product testing

By testing products extensively and according to high standards in laboratories, you prevent defective products and dangers for the end user.

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